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We invite you to visit our store or to call upon us when you require expertise in the construction industry. We are proud to supply our customers with a wide variety of products to meet their ever changing needs. Please see the categories of products listed below or visit our Products & Suppliers page for more information. Alternately, don't hesitate to call us at 613-260-3402 for the most detailed information. 


Concrete Forming Hardware Concrete Repair Products Polystyrene Insulation Concrete Sealers
Waterstops Waterproofing Membranes Masonry Accessories Sealants
Lightweight Fill Crack Injection Repair Products Firestopping Products Geotextiles
Sonotubes Floor Protection Products Insulated Concrete Forms Saunas
Drainage Channel Solutions Stamped Concrete Products Expansion Joints and much, much more




We are proud to announce that we are the distributor of StoneRox, a superior, high quality stone veneer that's designed for both residential and commercial properties. Their veneers are Canadian-made that are lightweight, durable, easy to install and able to create distinctive, individual feature, inside or outside. Come stop by our showroom to see that Stonerox is a cut above the rest.     


We are proud to announce that we are the distributor of Ecoglo and Access Tile. Ecoglo has developed advanced technology for the production of high visibility photoluminescent and anti-slip step edge and path marking products. These products provide a safe and efficient movement for people, 24 hours a day. Ecoglo products are 'visibly better" with their bright, long lasting glow and their goal to be "visibly better' in everything they do. Access Tile is the ultimate solution in detectable warning systems. They manufacturer surface-applied tiles and cast-in-place replaceable tiles. Both are available in various standard colours and sizes. Please contact us for more information.



We are proud to be carrying a Canadian produced real natural thin stone by Masonal. Approximately (1" - 1.5") thick. This stone is available in various quantities. A skid of thin stone will cover approximately 200 square feet. Masonal thin stone weighs less than 15lbs per stone, therefore it can be installed faster than full thickness veneer stone and no brick ledge or tie system is required. When comparing cultured or artificial stone products, we believe Masonal is by far the better option. Their stone is available in a large variety of shapes and colours. Please also note that many of our thin stone is also available in full bed stone. We are also able to do material estimates for small and large quantity jobs at no additional cost. Please stop by to see our stone samples displayed on our showroom walls.